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SOCIAL ADVANCEMENT FOUNDATION OF INDIA (SAFI) is a non-profit, registered charitable trust, which came into existence in September 2001. The trust is constituted by educationists, philanthropists and social activists, with the objective of taking up academic and research programmes in the frontier areas of science and technology and humanities in order to produce highly proficient manpower. SAFI is committed to generating skilled manpower capable of providing leadership and direction in the areas of science & technology, commerce, management, information technology, arts and other spheres of studies. SAFI envisages setting up of a Deemed to be University in due course. SAFI Institute of Advanced Study is an endeavour in this direction. View More

Our Vision

SAFI will strive for the transformation of backward people into a society competent in every respect to meet the challenges of the modern world, always upholding high ethical and moral values, achieving excellence in social, educational and economic spheres through their intellectual dynamism.
This transformation will be achieved by taking up a leading role in advancing knowledge in every field of human activity, thus contributing to the improvement of quality of life and civilization. It will help the community serve our nation and humanity better.

Our Mission

Establish world-class centers for advanced study and research in frontier areas of science and technology, commerce and management, information science and technology, languages, Islamic theology and culture so as to evolve holistic systems of knowledge through integration of science with moral and ethical values. Promote quality in the existing educational institutions after a critical study of the deficiencies so as to ensure that every type of education benefits the students in full measure. Grooming scholarly and professional leaders having vision, competence and humane disposition, by tapping the talent rich human resource base and providing an environment that allows the free flow of creating energy.

SAFI Logo Insights

1.Open Book indicating the quest for making frontiers of knowledge accessible to everyone
2.White Dove flying out showing leaders nurtured by SAFI spreading across the world as harbingers of peace and prosperity
3.One hand kept over the other showing care for those who need our support
4.Breaking the circle indicating the desire to make learning beyond the physical boundaries through technology
5.The color Green indicating Spiritually, P eace, F orgiveness and C ompassion which are all hallmarks of Islam Green also represents A bundance, G rowth and N ature and is a harmonizing, balancing and calming color

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