•  Vazhayoor, Malappuram District, Kerala  

  •    +91 483 2880000 (100 lines) 

Old Students’ Association of Rasiya Nagar (OSRA) is a dynamic Alumni Association of SAFI Institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor. It is a non-profitable organization which was established in the year 2019, and is determined to fulfill the vision and mission of Social Advancement Foundation of India. The Alumni association purposes to develop, foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial connection between alumni, faculty and staff members of the Alma mater. The Executive Committee, elected by the Council of OSRA, comprises of a bunch of enthusiastic individuals who are willing to take on the organizational initiatives and sustain the pride of the institution by their involvement in the association activities.The Alumni association services to offer programmes that foster campus traditions and perpetuates a passion for a life long involvement with the institution. The Association aims in developing a spirit of loyalty and deliver benefits and services, that help the alumni, maintaining a good relationship with the institution and other fellow graduates. The organization often organizes social events to pursue better careers, to form communities, to create new opportunities, to organize collective meetings, to organize special events such as lectures and symposiums and to motivate students of the campus with eminent alumni interations. The association is also engaged in social activities and always represents itself in the fore front to raise funds for the organization, to grant scholarships and financial assistance to the needy. The association seeks to accelerate the growth and development of the institute’s educational, social, literary and cultural spheres by maintaining a unique relationship between the Alma mater and alumni.

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