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    The postgraduate Department of Biotechnology was founded in 2005. The Department has a well-equipped laboratory with modern equipments which enable the students to carry out their laboratory work and basic research activities. The Project which is done in their final semester is mandatory for all students and the students choose their area of study and work under the guidance of the faculty. The undergraduate and postgraduate programme offered by the Department ensures that the students develop the skills required for the Biotechnology sector.

     M.Sc. , B.Sc.
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    The Department of Commerce instituted in 2009 offers undergraduate program in Commerce with specialization in Finance. The teaching methodology, training and support activities offered during the program have helped in creating professionally competent graduates in commerce. Guest lectures, discussions and interactions are arranged to keep our students on par with latest trends. Industrial visits are organized by the department so as to expose students to real life, hands on experiences in various industries. The B.Com Degree Program provides a good foundation to students who plan to pursue professional courses.

     B.Com. , M.Com.
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    Department of Computer Science and Application was established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The Department offers two undergraduate programmes viz. BCA and B. Sc Computer Science which commenced in the year 2010 and 2013 respectively. To broaden the knowledge of the students in the emerging technologies, the department frequently conducts seminars and invited talks with the support of experienced resource persons from the industry.

     BCA, B.Sc.
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    The graduate programme in Economics was commenced in the year 2009. Economics is an important discipline both career and job wise. Well-trained economists are in huge demand not only in India but also at the global scenario. The three-month research projects, taken up during their final semester help the students to put their knowledge to use and sharpen their skills.

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    Over the last few years, the department has combined superb research and publication outputs with a commitment to thinking about how “the literary” may be constantly refined and reinvented in our curricula and classrooms. In our research as in our teaching, we are committed to innovating without ever giving up rigor.

      HoD:Sreeekumar P
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    The Department of Food Technology was founded in the year 2016 when it commenced the 3 year undergraduate programme in B.Sc Food Technology. Within 2 years the postgraduate programme in Food Science and Technology was also started. The programme gives its students a strong foundation in food technology inorder to fill the various positions in the food industry as the programme is very job oriented.

     M.Sc. , B.Sc.
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    The programme B.A. Islamic Finance and Computer Application was started in the year 2015. Islamic Finance is an alternative to traditional finance and is growing at a rapid rate now. It has a great economic role in international finance especially in the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions. It demands highly trained professionals for governance, risk management, islamic asset and fund management etc. The scope of the course has been widened in the recent years.

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    Islamic Studies has been one of the postgraduate programmes offered by the Institute since 2006. Islamic Studies attempts to study and promote research on all aspects of the Islamic civilization and culture from its origin to the present, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. The syllabus covers Major World Religions and Comparative Religious Studies. Seminars and Workshops are organised for students to augment the knowledge gained from the curriculum.

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    SIAS Media School was started in the year 2005 and offers a postgraduate programme in Journalism and Mass Communication. Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions and film screening are organised for the students of the department to enhance their knowledge. The alumni of the department have found fulfilling careers in this field. The department has produced film documentaries which has been screened at various film festivals.

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    The Language Department aims at objective propagation, promotion and development of languages, literature, art and culture as an integral part of composite culture of Kerala and India. These activities are carried out through the Hindi, Malayalam and Arabic Departments.

     Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic
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    The Department of Management Studies offers Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (BBA) started in the year 2010. The course provides the students with a thorough understanding to facilitate a future business career. It offers insight into every facet of management. The course is both a preparation for directly stepping into a high-profile job, as well as a prelude to a higher education in management.

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    The Department of Microbiology, started in the year 2005 with a 3 year B.Sc programme currently offers both B.Sc and M.Sc in Microbiology. The Department has young enthusiastic and well qualified faculty members who are actively involved in providing quality education, inculcating research aptitude and creating an excellent research environment through its ongoing programmes. The Department aims to impart quality education to students, prepare them for new research challenges and to create and foster technology for the uplift of society.

     M.Sc. , B.Sc.
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  • DEPARTMENT OF Psychology

    The Department of Psychology at SIAS is devoted to training scientists who will work to advance theory and to create knowledge that helps us address real-world problems. Accomplishing this mission requires a broad range of perspectives and backgrounds.

      Nouzia Noordeen
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    Keeping good physical fitness is also as important as nurturing the brain with intellectual activities. SIAS emphasizes on the need to participate in sports and games and other physical activities. Besides the existing facilities for games like basketball, volleyball and shuttle badminton, amenities such as athletic tracks, football ground, indoor stadium etc. are being created.

      Jithin Das T.K
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    These Departments deal with the complementary subjects like Maths, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and History

     Maths, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and History
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